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HEADENDS June 10, 2023  

PAMA is an experienced system integration company for cable TV Head End system. Our services include:

  • Advisory and recommendations
  • Design activities inclusive price calculation and project documentation
  • Supplies, installation and commissioning
  • Service and maintenance of delivered equipment
There are many influences that you should take into consideration when you are planning the CATVconfiguration of your Headend System. The size of city or area, supposed number of homes-passed and assortment of offered services in your cable TV network are fundamental input information for project of your new CATV headend. Requirements for monitoring and backup of particular components of HE are other input information. System can work without monitoring, with various levels of monitoring and can work with several levels of backup of particular components. In case of very large and metropolitan CATV networks the compatibility between different systems working in your CATV network is also important.

On the basis of this information we provide design for your HE, which satisfy your technical requirements and ensures economic return of your capital investments.

All headend systems are modular. It allows creating headend configuration according to your actual needs and enables extension in future.

For small and medium CATV networks, typically with approximately 10,000 homes-passed, we offer Blankom C-line and B-line Headend Systems. Advantages of these systems are high quality and low price of these components. Serviceman of your CATV networks makes activation of backup system.

For large and metropolitan CATV network with very high number of subscribers we offer high-end systems with excellent technical parameters and with various options for monitoring and automatic backup purposes.