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June 10, 2023  

PAMA has a long-term expertise in providing cable television networks' system architecture, design, installation, set-up and commissioning. There have been several ages of CATV equipment that we passed through - coax-only long amplifiers' cascades, 1310 nm fiber optics, 1550 nm HFC systems and finally our unique Hybrid Fiber Passive Coax (HFPC) architecture, one of our solutions for successful operators.

We have selected wide range of products for building high-quality, cost-effective, and future-proof networks ready for carrying analog and digital television, two-way data, video-on-demand, and other services. Operators can now select from multiple options for most parts of the network depending on network size, required signal quality at customer home, currently or in future deployed services, and/or budget.


We would happy to assist you with selecting the right solution for your needs? please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

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CERT. NR. 2004986 - Dutch Counsil For Acredation